Event Registration - Morton Chamber of Commerce
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2022 Lip Sync Contest
9/17/2022 - 9/17/2022
7:00 PM CST

Event Description
Saturday, September 17
Pumpkin Festival Entertainment Stage

Auditions are not required, but participation approval will simply be first come first serve. A $25 fee for individuals and a $35 fee for groups is required. 
There is only room for four participating individuals/groups in each category of the Lip Sync Battle. 
If registration states the category is full, please call the Morton Chamber of Commerce at (309) 263-2491 or email info@mortonillinois.org to be added to the waitlist.
Participants will have no more than 5 minutes to set up, perform, and tear down.
Every group/individual will prepare two songs from the 80's and will perform one song during the first round of the battle. 
The winner from each category will perform their second song during the final battle/people's choice, at the end of the night.
All participants must wear an 80's themed costume. Extra points will be given to those who incorporate at least two 80s themed props that best represents their song choice. 
They will also need to bring a CD with their name and song titles written on them, with the 1st song being the one they will be performing during the first round. They will need to bring their CD to the Chamber of Commerce by Thursday, September 1st.
To prevent the same song from being performed multiple times, participants will need to submit their top 3 song choices in order of preference, at least three weeks prior to the event. If multiples of the same song are submitted, song approval will be determined by date of submission.
Ages: 13-17  (Individuals)      
Ages: 18-35  (Individuals)  
 Ages: 36+     (Individuals)  
 Ages: 13+     (Groups of two or more)
 For Round 1: There will be 4 judges. 
Participants will be scored for:
 1) Lip Sync Ability
2) Appearance: Costume
3) Stage Presence
4) Originality & Creativity
5) Crowd Interaction
6) Bonus: Props
For the Final Battle/People's Choice Award: The audience will get to vote using an interactive poll from www.slido.com